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Who We Are

Over the past quarter century, Nuclead Co. Inc. have partnered to provide lead and shielding solutions for research and industry.

As full service, ISO 9001:2015, accredited manufacturers and fabricators, we carry a diverse product line – from basic sheet lead products and lead castings to sophisticated CNC machined items and assemblies constructed of lead and other metals. Our sales, engineering, QC and production experts commit themselves to your satisfaction, earning a reputation of providing quality products – On time… All the time.

Nuclead Co. Inc.

Established near Boston at the turn of the 20th century as the Cambridge Smelting Company, this family business provided quality lead products for the housing and plumbing industry for decades. As industry changed, and the demand for lead products diversified and became more sophisticated, so did the company. In 1981 the Nuclead Company incorporated, later partnering with Sharp Manufacturing to extend its product line into high technology markets. The integration of the two companies has allowed us to become an unparalleled source of lead and metal machined value-added products.

To handle business demand, a modern, climate controlled Nuclead warehouse was built in West Bridgewater, MA.

We can provide high quality CNC fabricated components and assembles within tolerances of 0.0001. Nuclead uses the latest CAD/CAM-assisted 3D software, CNC fabrication centers and inspection equipment calibrated to NIST standards to achieve this accuracy and quality.

Quality Control for a Variety of Industries

Adhering to established quality control standards, Nuclead provides high quality materials for security systems, drilling and mining, electronics, medical and dental equipment, nuclear shielding and components for the aerospace and defense Industries. As a CCR-registered company, Nuclead can contract directly to the United States Government or as a subcontractor on DOD, FAA or Homeland Security contracts.

Nuclead also provides sheet lead, lead brick, sheet rock and other products to the construction industry for shielding in medical and research facilities, universities and nuclear power plants. Lead downspouts for gutters and plumbing items such as caulking lead and solder service everyday needs.

Our standard lead sheet and other lead item inventory is available for immediate delivery or fabrication to unique specifications. Nuclead casts and pours to customer specifications or molds manufactured by Nuclead to any size and shape. Lead ballast for boating and counterweights for MRI’s, CAT scans and other high RPM applications are in-stock, or custom manufactured on demand.

With the expertise of Nuclead, you are assured of getting the right material in the right configuration. Whether you need lead for radiation shielding or construction, or parts custom machined to aerospace tolerances, no order is too small – or too big – for us to fill! Call our offices at (508) 583-2699 today for more information, and a custom quote.

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