In Stock Lead for Sale in bulk quantities

Nuclead has a large in-stock inventory of lead products available for radiation shielding applications including lead bricks and lead sheets, also lead bullet metal, lead alloys, lead weights, lead flashing and lead bar stock.

Large inventory of lead bricks, lead shielding lead alloys, lead weights, custom lead products & metal services. Commercial, industrial & other custom applications, in-stock for bulk delivery now.

Custom Lead Services

Custom and precision lead machining, lamination and assembly for applications such as X-ray machine shielding, also custom lead mold fabrication. See custom lead services section for more information.

Custom Metal Services

Custom and precision metals machining and assembly of aluminum, beryllium, copper, tungsten, stainless steel, invar and other common or exotic specialty metals is offered through our custom metal services page.

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From lead weights to complex radiation shielding, manufactured and assembled

Manufacturing Capabilities

Nuclead has extensive experience and expertise in a wide range of lead products, lead sub-assemblies and manufacturing techniques. Click the button below for articles that describe the range of some of Nuclead’s experience and some of the products and services that are available.,
Investor Sergio A. Rojas Araya Acquires Nuclead, Pioneering Precision Lead Manufacturer, Signaling Growth in High-Tech Markets
West Bridgewater, MA – July 18, 2024 – Nuclead Company, a century-old leader in
precision lead and non-ferrous metal component manufacturing, ... Read More >
Nuclead Announces recent shipment of lead products for multiple marinas in the Northeast.
Nuclead Announces recent shipment of lead products for multiple marinas in the Northeast. West Bridgewater, MA, 9/26/2023 – Nuclead, a reputable ... Read More >
Nuclead Announces recent shipment of lead products for multiple restoration projects in USA and Canada
The Lead will be used in applications that include flashing, Weather-T-Caps, Lead Billets. West Bridgewater, MA, 7/26/2023 – Nuclead, a ... Read More >
Nuclead Announces the recent shipment of orders of Lead Glass to customers in the USA.
The Lead Glass will be used in applications that include medical, government, and laboratories. West Bridgewater, MA, 6/26/2023 – Nuclead, ... Read More >
Nuclead Announces the shipment of orders of Antimony Lead and other Lead Alloys
The Antimony Lead and Lead Alloys will be shipped to customers in the USA and Canada West Bridgewater, MA, 5/31/2023 ... Read More >
Lead Parts On tables ready for shipments Lead T-Caps, Custom Machine Lead Parts, CNC Lead Machining
New Lead Product Line Expands Capabilities for Diverse Industries
Nuclead Manufacturing is proud to announce the completion of a new line of high-quality lead products designed to meet the demanding requirements of various industries. This innovative range includes lead ... Read More >
Lead T-Caps, Lead Custom Machined with precise edges lead ingots
Machined & Fabricated Lead Components – December 2023 Project Showcase
Every month we talk about our shipments. Last month further demonstrated Nuclead’s uncompromising standards, quality assurance protocols, and prompt delivery of exceptional custom lead components. Our expertise spans materials science, ... Read More >
Lead, lead glass, lead doors and magnetic shielding applications
Delivering Custom Lead Solutions: Nuclead’s Ongoing Commitment to Quality and Speed
Every month at Nuclead, we manufacture and ship various custom lead-based products, such as ShieldingConstruction Restoration, and bulk lead orders. Here are some items we recently shipped to customers ... Read More >