Nuclead Announces recent shipment of lead products for multiple restoration projects in USA and Canada

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The Lead will be used in applications that include flashing, Weather-T-Caps, Lead Billets.

West Bridgewater, MA, 7/26/2023 – Nuclead, a leading manufacturer and distributor of custom and standard lead products for research, industry, and consumers, announces the delivery of several recent orders of construction lead used in historic building projects.

Nuclead can deliver custom solutions that meet General Services Administration (GSA) Historic Preservation technical procedure codes.  We understand how crucial it is to preserve a historic building work’s original character and integrity, and custom lead plays a vital role. Having a deep understanding of historic construction techniques and materials and the ability to replicate them accurately is what Nuclead prides itself on. Also, we deeply understand regulatory compliance when working with lead for historic preservation at the local, state, and federal levels.

Recent Restoration Construction Lead Shipments 

  • Lead Extrusions: Weather-T- Caps: 1/2″ wide x 7/16″ joint depth x 75′ spool; “Type A” = Flat cap; Per U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Historic Preservation Technical Procedures Codes. Shipped and sold lead products to a general contractor in New York for a restoration project in South Ozone Park. The extruded lead items are created with pure soft lead ingots for the most flexibility and longevity. The lead for sale is packaged and shipped to any work site in the quickest and most economical method allowable. Bulk lead order reduce cost substantially, which is good for the customer’s budget.
  • Lead Extrusions: Weather-T- Caps: width” x joint depth” x Approx. 12.00″; “Type A” = Flat cap; Per U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Historic Preservation Technical Procedures Code: #452001S & #765601S, size 11/16” and size 1.00” wide. Delivered via Our trucking service to local Estate manager for customer approval. Upon approval, the order pending will be for over 600 linear feet.
  • Cast lead Pure Lead billet: 26lb x 2.375″ to 2.625″ tapered x Ref: 13.00″ long. Extrude lead construction materials and ship small order via UPS Ground to a general contractor in North Carolina. The order of lead t caps will be used for historical restoration. Also provided lead ingots for sale without extrusions services. They can be used for lead smelters, alloyed with antimony, or fabricated into custom shapes for elevator counterweights.
  • Extrude using soft lead billets, and custom lead weatherproofing for a historical building at a University in the Mid-West. The facilities manager requested the custom lead order and produced and delivered it in less than 5 days. Made custom hardened dies per provided sketches and fabricated the lead items at their lead factory in New England. All virgin pig lead was used from its warehouse. The soft lead billets are made by us. We are one of the few secondary lead smelters able to produce a wide range of lead products, from lead brick to CNC machining them into custom lead shielding to high tolerances and government specifications.
  • Lead Extrusions: Weather-T-Caps: 1.25″ wide x 3/4″ joint depth x Three (3) 7′ long lengths. “Type B” = Inside corner cove cap; Per Government Service Administration (GSA) Historic Preservation Technical Procedures. Shipped several orders, both via LTL (Less Than Truckload) trucking. Both restoration firms are located in New York. We fabricate all types of lead construction materials, including lead lined drywall and lead lined doors.
  • Lead Extrusions: Lead Weather Caps 11/16″ wide x 1/2″ joint depth x 60′ spools and Flat cap. We have sold and delivered to a restoration company in Connecticut. We also sold and delivered a second order to an architectural terra cotta firm in New York City specializing in new construction with antique or historical designs. The items were delivered within days with our Trucking service as this order was urgent for the customer. Another order was delivered to New York with our Trucking in Nesconset, NY, and this last order also contained lead lined drywall, lead lined doors and lead weights for the elevator’s counterweight. All items were certified to ASTM-B-29 for this commercial customer’s request. When you need Lead products for your restoration projects, we can quote, produce, and deliver at record speeds.
  • Our CNC equipment, spin 2″ Lead Outlets @ 30 PCs./carton from using in-stock Tuyau PB/Copper lead pipe, Dross Free, Uniform wall. Dimension: 2.00 “id x .070″ wall x 5.25” long. We provided a sizeable lead construction materials order to a national building supply distributor.
  • Pick virgin pig lead and cast the lead product into 26# billets. The lead billets are used for an extrusion process, which produces lead construction items. They are then picked and sold to restoration companies across America and Canada. We built several lead weatherproofing applications and a monument restorationist in the Southeast. The order consisted of Lead T Caps is 1.50″ wide x 13/16″ joints, Three 7′ long lengths and 1.00″ wide x 11/16″ joint x 40′ linear feet. All were flat caps, type A, per General Services Administration (GSA) specifications. Virgin pig lead is used to fabricate many of our products, such as elevator counterweights and lead brick and is used for lead smelters.
  • We extruded lead wire to produce ¼” diameter and ½” lead wire. The in-stock lead products were sold to an industrial restoration company that repairs statues and monuments. The soft lead is perfect for sealing and shimming damaged areas. Instead of fabricating custom lead materials, the soft lead will conform to its cavity shape more economically and permanently. We used soft lead instead of producing custom lead to save a lot of time and money.
About Nuclead

Nuclead Mfg Co Inc. is the leading worldwide supplier of innovative Shielding, and X-ray inspection products. With nearly 40 years in providing advanced Shielding & X-ray security systems, the Company’s product line utilizes a combination of technologies and expertise unmatched by any other company.

These technologies offer superior service and products. Nuclead’s has a complete range of lead products including shielding for cargo inspection, baggage screening and passenger screening systems for facility and aviation security.

Nuclead also supplies products for the Nuclear & energy, Oil, Construction, Manufacturing, X-ray, medical & research, Elevator, Marine/boating, Bridge and Sporting industries.

Nuclead’s sophisticated products are used to protect high-threat facilities and help combat terrorism and trade fraud; Gamma ray, Neutron, & X-ray shielding; and counterweight – ballast- & weight requirements. Nuclead customers include Major Universities & Research centers, Leading government agencies, Military bases, General contractors, Manufactures, Hospitals and Corporations worldwide, including the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), and branches of the U.S. Military.

For more information on Nuclead’s products, services, and technologies, please call 508‑583‑2699.



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