Lead Wire Applications

Nuclead offers Lead wire for bullet metal castings and fly fishing lures

Lead Wire Availability

Lead wire available in pure or alloyed lead wire rolls and meeting ASTM B29 03 or QQ-L-177e are supplied in lengths ranging from 8 feet to 500 feet (Or longer if required). Lead wire is typically supplied in diameters ranging from 0.0625” to 1.50”, with various cross-sectional profiles.

Lead wire is typically extruded, lead wire larger than ¾” is difficult to coil, so larger lead cores are usually extruded in straight lengths. Diameters larger than 1.5” in diameter are usually cast.

Lead wire is used for a variety of applications such as lead anodes, lead buoy weights, and lead ballast. Lead wire is popular with the sportsman and hobbyist, being used for tying fishing flies, small casting such as lead bullet manufacture and model car racing.

Lead Wire for fly fishing

One traditional method of adding weight to fishing flies is to tie the fly with lead wire. The lead wire is soft and wraps easily. Approximate lead wire/hook size match is .015 for #13 & 14 hooks, .020 for #12 & #10, .025 for #8 & #6, and .030 for #4 and larger hooks.

Lead wire in the form of hollow core coils is also used by Salmon anglers, to add weight to the line to aid in line casting.

Lead Wire for (bullet) casting

For smaller lead casting operations such casting bullet metal for lead bullets, lead wire in a diameter that fits into the die is often the best answer. Given the diameter of the lead wire it is relatively easy to cut the correct length for the lead casting being performed.

The convenience of cutting wire instead of casting tiny cores far outweighs slightly higher cost, for most bullet makers. In 0.100 diameter, the LW-10 wire will make nearly 10,000 7-grain .12 caliber pellets or 15-grain jacketed .14 caliber bullets (since the jacket weighs nearly as much as the core).

Model cars

Lead Wire typically solid lead formed into a 3/8 inch diameter wire is often used to add weight to model cars used in slot car racing and other similar hobbies. This is analogous to full sized sports car where lead racing weights are used to balance vehicles and help meet weight requirements.

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