Lead Wire, Lead Coils, Lead Extrusions, Ribbon, Wedges & Tape

Lead Wire and Lead Extrusions for commercial, industrial & other custom applications, in-stock for bulk delivery now.

Looking for lead extrusions, lead wire and coil, lead ribbon and tape. Our lead wires are rolled on heavy duty spools or cut to customer specifications

Lead Wire

Our lead wires are rolled on heavy duty spools or cut to customer specifications. Standard or custom sizes 1/32″ to 3/4″ diameter in 50# spools. Diameters 3/4″-1.5″ come in 25 lb. lengths. Diameters up to 6″ can also be fabricated.

Lead extrusions are available as lead wire, Pb wire and lead

Lead Ribbon, Tape, Wedges & Flats

Thicknesses of .005″ to 1/2″ are shipped on 25 lb. spools. Materials with thickness over 1/2″ ship in 25 lb. lengths.

Extruded shapes

Miscellaneous Lead Extrusions

Nuclead offers lead t-caps, lead tcaps, lead t caps, lead weather caps, lead channel weatherstripping, or custom manufactured lead weather cap stripping which is perfect for the inclement wet weather and harsh winters of New England and the northern states
Any size and shape can be extruded, machined, finished, PSA applied or laminated as needed.

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