Nuclead’s frequently asked questions.


Delivery and Pricing


How long will it take for me to receive my product once I have paid for it?


Each quote has specifics terms and delivery dates. Nuclead stocks metric tons of many lead items (the most in the industry), so if we have it in stock it only takes a few days to ship.


Why are non-stock or custom items more expensive than stock items?


Special orders require either special tooling or extra labor hours to fabricate. Thus, the price is higher.


Lead and Lead Safety


Were does lead come from?


Lead is a by-product from silver mines. The raw lead is smelted into pure ingots which are used to produce lead products.


What, if any precautions must we use working with lead?


Like any other metal, you should use some simple handling methods to protect yourself from ingesting the metal. Nuclead suggests wearing rubber or surgical gloves whenever you handle the material. Also, if you produce any shavings from cutting or filing, a dust mask must be worn. Wash hands well before smoking or eating after touching the metal. See our material safety data sheets in the QC section of this site for all handling requirements.


Is there anything Nuclead can do to coat the lead?


Nuclead can paint, coat, or powder coat any item to protect against contact & to make the metal look cosmetically pleasing.


What kind of lead is good for x-ray shielding?


There are many grades, shapes, and products for x-ray shielding. You must consult with your product manufacturer or engineer to spec out the proper item that will suit your needs.


What is the best product to use as ballast weight?


Nuclead has many products for ballast. If you need custom items fabricated for special projects we can produce them for you. Everybody’s needs are different so we stock ballast from the smallest lead balls to the largest blocks or brick.


What is the difference between pure lead and antimony lead?


Nuclead alloys lead into any grade required. Antimony lead is a mixture of lead and antimony, which makes the metal stiff, and harder than pure lead. 

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