Scrap Lead Sources

Nuclead buys scrap lead and then recycles the scrap lead

Scrap Lead Sources

Lead is found and continues to be utilized throughout many industries and lead also has certain uses in buildings. Scrap lead will be generated during demolition or when objects that contain lead reach end of life. Two main sources of recycled lead are from construction projects (for example lead pipes) and radiation shielding materials (for example lead bricks).

Some other sources include:
  • Wheel Weights
  • Recovered Shot
  • Ballast Lead
  • Linotype
  • Solder Wire
  • Lead Acid Batteries
  • Catalytic Converters

Lead is a toxic heavy metal and in most cases regulated as a hazardous waste, a contractor must ensure that scrap lead is disposed of in accordance with applicable regulations.

Scrap lead from radiation shielding materials may be in the forms of lead bricks, lead foils, radioactive material packaging, and protective lead safety clothing. All scrap lead utilized as a radiation shielding must be inspected to ensure the items do not contain radioactive contamination.

Scrap lead from construction and demolition projects may include lead pipes, lead flashing, lead gutter outlets, lead sheetrock, lead t-caps and lead weather-stripping

Nuclead buys scrap lead and then recycles the scrap lead, please click here for more information.

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