3D Precision & General CNC Machining

Autocad for 3d precision lead maching & general Lead CNC machining

Nuclead is an ISO 9001:2015,  accredited quality control organization, providing a broad range of precision metal services.

Our production machining and custom machining capabilities extend to many materials, including beryllium, tungsten, nickel, titanium, stainless steel and invar.

Precision 3D Machining & CNC Machining

Nuclead can program and machine all your metal needs to within .000050″. Our Quality Control department has CMM capabilities to QC your products accurately. All equipment is calibrated to NIST standards. Our programming department has the latest CAD-CAM Auto Assist software available today. Solid models can be e-mailed and posted for complex 3D machining.

We provide ultra precision machining for aerospace, security, guidance systems, Department of Defense and US government (CCR Registered) clients, and radar, x-ray, satellite, medical, general machining and welding applications.

Precise Lead and CNC Lead Machined Parts

For those requiring precise and reliable radiation shielding or components with unique weight properties, consider incorporating Lead Machined Parts into your design. We offer both CNC Lead Parts and general Machined Lead Parts, ensuring we can meet your exact specifications. Our experienced machinists can transform lead into intricate shapes to your exact tolerances, delivering high-quality parts that seamlessly integrate into your application. We have decades of experience in subtractive manufacturing using lead (Pb). Bring us your engineered designs, and we can machine them to your exact specifications using lead or other metals. 

Precision metal machining to your specification

Other custom precision metal services:

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