Lead Prices per Pound

Lead price by the pound - As a commodity lead is traded based on supply and demandThere is no set price per pound for lead. As a commodity lead is traded based on the amount others are willing to pay as determined by need and availability.

Lead prices per pound are determined by the market forces that take into account both supply and demand. Lead is one the metals that is quoted on the London Metals exchange, which determines the price of futures and option contracts. The trading of these contracts effectively sets the price and determines how it varies over time.

In nature lead is usually found in ore with zinc, silver and copper, the main lead mineral is galena (PbS), which contains 86.6% lead. Lead metal is extracted as a byproduct of operations such as silver mining as a result the supply of lead is determined by this mining activity.

The cost of any item made of lead is also determined by the nature of the application and the amount of work that is needed to turn the raw ingots into the product suitable for the finished application. Conversely, the value of scrap lead is determine by both the price of lead on the London Exchange, the quality of the lead scrap and by the amount of work required to extract the lead from the material.

Pricing Providers

Certain companies such as Metal Prices, Metal Bulletin and Reuters provide metal pricing services. For your convenience Nuclead provides ongoing lead metal pricing as determined by the London Metals Exchange – this can be found by clicking this metals pricing link

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