Radiation Shielding

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What is radiation shielding?

Lead sheet and lead bricks provide effective radiation shielding for electromagnetic radiation.
Electromagnetic radiation in the high frequency range is known as x-ray radiation or gamma ray radiation.

The radiation shielding effect is due to the high atomic weight of lead and the corresponding heavy nuclei contained within.

Lead sheets of varying thickness are an effective radiation shield and radiation absorber. Dependent on the intensity of the radiation, the sheet lead often needs to be several centimeters in thickness in order to provide sufficient heavy nuclei to absorb the radiation.

Nuclead is an experienced provider of sheet lead for radiation shielding applications such as X-ray room shielding, medical imaging rooms and MRI shielding and carries a large inventory of x-ray grade lead sheets, of varying thicknesses, in its warehouse, available to ship immediately. Also available is a large selection of lead lined sheetrock and lead plywood that can be used to build radiation rooms.

Nuclead manufactures custom radiation shielding assemblies for x-ray machines and MRI machines. In MRI machines the lead sheet is a custom shaped and specially fabricated radiation shield that fits inside the machine, significantly reducing the radiation seen in the room.

Nuclead also has extensive inventory of lead bricks and interlocking lead bricks for the construction of temporary or permanent radiation shields, particularly for higher radiation applications. Lead bricks can be used to create storage facilities, lead walls or to quickly add additional radiation protection to an existing room. Lead bricks are manufactured to high tolerances with smooth surfaces to allow easy removal of radioactive dust. Nuclead also has nuclear casks in its inventory, providing radiation protection against x-rays, gamma rays and neutrons. These lead containers can provide long term storage or the safe transportation of nuclear material,

Nuclead also provides radiation shielding for personal protection of workers and patients in the medical imaging industry including lead aprons and lead thyroid shields for x-ray technicians, dental technicians and veterinarian workers that provide maximum radiation protection and comfort with the lowest possible weight.

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