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Lead and other metal Products delivered by Nuclead

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    Terms & Conditions

    1. Prices subject to change 5 days of latest revision date;
    2. Order cannot extend delivery quoted;
    3. No rejects accepted without a written DMR within 5 days or from obvious freight damage day of receipt; 44% restocking fee for stock items;
    4. Not responsible for material shrinking, porosity or discoloration, this is a normal occurrence;
    5. Delivery options (All, FOB Origin); Will Call = N/C ($0); Our truck (6,000# max) = $88/hr +$0.68/mile round trip; Common carriers (Median quote per carrier policies &/or requested by customer) = Cost +44% + $12; Freight collect = $26 origin charge (international =$105); All orders = 4.9% packaging plus (+$32; +International $105; +Overseas $306);
    6. Resale Cert. required “ARO” or Sales Tax will be added. Non-Nexus States, customer is required to pay Sales Tax directly to its DOR;
    7. NO refund on cut, poured or special items;
    8. Customer will be invoiced in three days if “Will Call” is not picked up;
    9. If Customer does not pick-up or accept delivery, Nuclead reserves right to revert title ownership from Customer to Nuclead in 21 days, payment & terms still applicable;
    10. Tolerances = +/- 3/32″ (stock thickness, weighted & alloyed items = +/-15%);
    11. $32.87 Core charge for spooled items, per spool;
    12. CofC or Material Cert’s =$22/each.
    13. Force majeure voids delivery &/or contractual responsibilities of Nuclead, but not of customers obligations; and
    14. Customer responsible to confirm item(s) and description(s) quoted, meets its specifications as worded.

    Payment Options

    1. All orders are quoted pre-payment (“PIA”) by Check, E-Check, Ach, Wire or Cash:
    2. All other payment methods add 4.3% + $12 (related overhead).
    3. To request “Credit Terms”, a $96 fee for a USA D&B report (Min of 76 paydex) is required;
    4. All Checks: Add 10 days for processing.
    5. International orders = Wire, Ach or Check only, (USD);
    6. We accept credit cards <= $1,875.00, all other payment methods accepted for any amount (including Credit terms approved limits).

    Legal disclaimer

    Unless otherwise contracted: This quotation was compiled based on certain information provided by Customer. Should the specifications or information we relied upon to assemble it change, Nuclead reserves the right to amend accordingly. This document supersedes all previous documents and the quotation made herein is expressly agreed to by both parties once signed. If this quotation is a revision, then this document supersedes prior drafts (if applicable); Customer is responsible for all legal and collection fees, including attorney’s fees, for breach of this agreement. Customer is solely responsible for any currency or exchange fees (US Funds Only Accepted). Should the Customer sign and agree to these terms, then this contract shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and any and all disputes or litigation pertaining to the same shall be brought to a court of competent jurisdiction in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in Plymouth County. All Order(s), Purchase Order(s), or payment(s) (written, verbal or otherwise) cannot be canceled after acceptance of this quotation and this contract is received by Nuclead. All quoted terms/conditions will apply. Product will ship to quoted address, FOB Origin Prepaid & Add; Customer is responsible for all engineering, safety knowledge and shall retain its own engineering, safety or legal sources per applicable law(s), of item(s) requested herein; Nuclead is not responsible for items purchased, installed or handled incorrectly.

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