Custom Lead Machining

Nuclead Offers Custom lead machining, lead machining, lead turning, CNC & 3d machining quality control

3D Machining & CNC Machining

Nuclead can program and machine all your lead and metal needs to within .000050″. Our Quality Control department has CMM capabilities to QC your products accurately, with all equipment calibrated to NIST standards. Our programming department has the latest CAD-CAM Auto Assist software available today. Solid models can be e-mailed and posted for complex 3D machining.

The company has worked for many of the world’s finest companies, universities and research facilities. Our quality and delivery performance is considered the best to many of our high profile customers. We delivery quality products – On time… All the time.

Stamping, Sawing & Cutting

Nuclead will fabricate dies per your blueprints or specifications. Stamping is available on up to 1/8” thick stock with a capacity of 1/8” x 36” (l x w).
We can saw, water-jet or CNC machine larger and thicker sizes as needed to any tolerance.Nuclead Offers Custom lead machining, lead machining, lead turning, CNC machining

Other Custom Lead Precision Services:

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Nuclead offers CNC precision machining, Custom lead machining, lead machining, lead turning

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