Scrap Lead Prices

Scrap lead prices depend on several factors including market and condition

Several factors affect the price of scrap lead in the market place.

First, the price for pure lead and lead alloys are set at the commodities market on the London Metals exchange, and are affected mostly by supply and demand. Scrap lead prices will be based on these prices, but other factors will have a significant effect.

Secondly the state of the scrap lead is important, is it pure lead or does it have unwanted contaminants such as iron. Is the lead in a readily recyclable form such as lead wheel weights or in a more processed form?

Thirdly buy prices for lead will be significantly lower than sell prices for lead since the merchant has to make a profit on the deal.

Given these factors the price of lead can vary quite significantly. Typical buy prices for lead can vary from as low as 5% for the London Metals Exchange price to a high of 30% of the LME price for pure lead in a suitable form Sell prices again vary depending on the state of the lead and can range from 50% to 90% of the LME price.

Local market conditions and competition can also affect the range of scrap lead prices. Local markets for scrap lead include manufacturers such as Nuclead and on smaller scale hobbyists who melt their own lead for bullet metal, lead fishing sinkers, modeling and so on.

Nuclead can offer good market rates for clean lead provided that it is not mixed with other metals. Nuclead can also sell scrap lead for customers who do not need certifications.

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