Lead Lift & Elevator Counterweights

Lead elevator weights from Nuclead up to 100,000 lbs

Nuclead’s elevator weights have been used in buildings both old and new, in school buildings and in high rise buildings.

Nuclead has continuous lead pouring capability up to 40,000 lbs. standard and up to 100,000 lbs. for special requests, and can manufacture custom lead weights in any size up to those amounts.
Nuclead ships lead elevator weights for both one off and repeat applications, for example:

  • Some of our customers provide elevator service and require custom elevator weights to enable elevator certifications. These are typically repeat customers and Nuclead is able to accommodate their needs in a timely fashion
  • Nuclead also provides custom elevator weights for one off projects such as low rise university facilities, or high speed elevators in a skyscrapers

Nuclead’s process for making custom elevator weights starts with custom lead molds which are typically machined to our customer’s specifications as specified by blueprint or CAD/CAM file. Liquid lead or lead alloy is poured into these molds, the cast lead weights are subsequently machined to final specifications and finished either by plating, powder coating or painting.

After inspection they are delivered it direct to your dock.

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