Custom Lead Assemblies

Nuclead offers Custom Lead Assemblies, Lead Lamination, lead PSA, Lead Adhesives Lead Stamping, Lead Sawing, Lead Cutting

Assemblies, Laminating and Lead Lining

Nuclead provides 100% fabricated assemblies and sub-assemblies. All metal and aluminum products and weldments are fabricated then assembled with your lead items for a complete assembly. Finished products can be plated, powder coated or painted to any specification and are certified. This means a complete product arrives on your dock, ready for additional sub-Assembly, testing or delivery to your customers.

Nuclead laminates lead sheet or machined lead items to any component per customer specifications. Whether fabricated by us or customer supplied, we laminate all your shielding needs.


Nuclead works with all the top brands of adhesives. Our climate controlled facilities ensure proper temperature and humidity to comply with manufacturers’ specs.

Nuclead provides the highest quality PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) to any sheet, plate or foil per your specifications.

Nuclead offers custom lead assemblies and Lead lamination for x-ray & radiation shielding

Stamping, Sawing & Cutting

Nuclead will fabricate dies per your blueprints or specifications. Stamping is available on up to 1/8” thick stock with a capacity of 1/8” x 36” (l x w). We can saw, water-jet or CNC machine larger and thicker sizes as needed to any tolerance.

Other Custom Lead Precision Services

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