Quality Control

Quality control programs – testing tolerances

Nuclead is an ISO 9001:2015, accredited organization.


Our Quality Control department has CMM capabilities to QC your products accurately – resolution up to .00005″ and calibration to .0001″. All equipment and gages are calibrated to NIST standards as per our ISO 9001:2015, accredited Quality Manual.

Gages & Equipment

Nuclead has a full supply of qualified gages and inspection equipment to confirm your products conform to spec. Digital height sets, granite plates, comparators, profilometers, Rockwell testers and CMM’s are some of the gages and equipment we use to QC your products accurately.

Gamma Inspection

Nuclead provides gamma inspection to your specifications. From small items to large nuclear casks, we can provide as detailed a report as your project requires.

Precise gauge measurements


Our Quality Control department can supply customers individual quality reports as per our Quality Manual. All reports conform to ISO 9001:2015, accredited standards and requirements.

Additional quality resources available online:

ISO certification information.

Our Quality Manual is available as a PDF download.

The following MSDS documents are available as PDF downloads:

95% Tin/5% Antimony MSDS
96% Tin/4% Silver MSDS
Antimonial Lead SDS
Cadmium MSDS
High Grade Babbitt MSDS
Lead Acrylic
Lead-based Babbitt MSDS
Lead-free Body Solder MSDS
Lead SDS
No-lead Super 50 MSDS
Rose Metal SDS
Silver-free Foil MSDS
Solder MSDS

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