Lead Ballast Applications

Nuclead offers Lead ballast in many forms including lead ingots, lead blocks, lead shot, lead slugs

Because of its high density and resistance against corrosion, lead is used for the ballast in ships and sailing vessels.

Lead ballast is either external ballast, which is built into the keel or is internal ballast which can be in many forms including lead blocks, lead balls or lead ingots.

Lead Ship Ballast is used to provide distribution of weight, to counteract buoyancy and to provide stability. Lead ballast is used in sailboats to provide moment to resist the lateral forces on the sail. The lead weight is typically kept as low in the water as possible to provide the maximum righting moment that can be extracted from the given mass
Ballast Lead comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and grades; common is Machine Lead which is around 1-4% Antimony content and the balance is Pure Lead

External Ship Ballast

On many modern vessels, the keel is made of high density lead casting, including machined or cast-in fixtures. In some cases the lead keel can be cast in one piece, called a solid pattern or if it must be cast in a split pattern. Lead keel castings can range from 100 lbs to 200,000 lbs., and can take virtually any shape or size.

Lead keel bulbs are often used in sailing vessels, these provide additional turning moment to prevent tipping and allow the vessel to sail closer to the wind.

Sheet Lead can also be used for ballast applications when additional weight is required for wrapping Lead Keel Bulbs and Fins.

Internal Ship Ballast

Historical forms of ballast carried inside the hull were stones or sand. However lead ballast provides a more flexible and easier to use alternative. Internal lead ballast can consist of many forms including lead shot , lead ingots and lead blocks ranging in size from 10lbs and up.

Lead shot is an option for ballast requirements when space is tight. Lead shot is also excellent for trim ballast applications, keel centerboard ballast fills and lifting keel applications.

One piece internal lead keel castings are also sometimes used.

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