Lead Radiation Shielding

Lead Shielding Products (Lead Bricks, Lead Sheet, Lead Clothing) for commercial, industrial & other custom applications, in-stock for bulk delivery now.

Lead Shielding and Radiation Clothing in Nuclear and Medical

We offer lead shielding, radiation shielding & X-ray Shielding sheets and plates for noise reduction. Our lead shielding products are available at any size
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In-Stock Lead Shielding

Lead sheets, plates and foil for noise reduction material, radiation shielding and x-ray shielding are available as pure lead and antimony products in any size – with standard sizes in-stock for immediate shipment. Materials for neutron shielding and nuclear shielding are available. See our in-stock lead shielding products.

Radiation Clothing & Blankets

Lead safety clothing for x-ray shielding and radiation shielding protection
The NCRP has established maximal permissible doses for persons who receive occupational exposure. We offer lead gloves, lead aprons, lead shields and lead blankets. See our Radiation protective clothing.

Radiation Shielding, Nuclear Shielding, X-Ray Shielding, MRI Shielding

We offer radiation shielding and x-ray shielding. Our radiation shielding products are available at any size
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Radiation Shielding Assemblies

Radiation shielding for applications including X-ray shielding, MRI shielding, Nuclear shielding and Neutron shielding can provide significant radiation protection for workers in the medical and nuclear industries. See our in-stock radiation shielding products.

Lead Shielding Assemblies

We manufacture custom assemblies for MRI machines, X-ray machines, radiation shielding and noise reduction applications. We will custom fabricate to your specific needs. We also offer Custom lead precision machining, welding, assembly and mold fabrication. See our custom lead shielding products and services.

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