Lead for Sale

Nuclead has all forms of lead metal for sale and a large inventory of lead.

Lead Metal for Sale

The Nuclead website offers information about lead metal products and lead metal services. Nuclead has all forms of lead for sale

For over 100 years, Nuclead and its predecessors have offered lead for sale for use in research, industry and consumers.

Lead products include lead shielding, sheet lead products and lead castings and are used in many industries including:

  • Lead Sub-assemblies for MRI machines and X-ray shielding
  • Lead shielding walls for the nuclear industry including nuclear bricks for high energy radiation shielding.
  • Safety equipment such as lead lined doors, radiation glass and Lead safety clothing to protect people and equipment.
  • Lead sheet rock for construction
  • Ship ballast for the Navy and private owners
  • Ammunition metals for the armed forces, police and hunters.
Nuclead has a large in-stock inventory of lead for sale.
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