Lead Sheet Applications

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Lead Sheet

Lead Sheet has multiple uses, including radiation shielding, nuclear shielding, tank linings, lead flashing, sound-proofing, vibration absorbers, x-ray shielding, lead gaskets, , lead ballast, and corrosion resistance lining.

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Lead Alloy Sheets

Because lead is very soft and ductile, it is often used commercially as lead alloys. Lead-Antimony and Lead-Tin are common alloys.

Antimony generally is used to give greater hardness and strength to lead sheets and lead plates used for applications like storage battery grids. Antimony contents of lead-antimony alloys can range from 0.5 to 25%, but they are usually 2 to 5%.

Adding tin to lead or lead alloys increases hardness and strength, but lead-tin alloys are more commonly used for their good melting, casting, and wetting properties, as in type metals and lead solders. Lead-Tin forms the principal ingredients of many low-melting lead alloys.

Lead Foil

What is lead foil? Lead Foil, is a form of lead sheet that is thin enough to be easily cut and formed using shears. Lead foil can be stamped or formed into almost any shape so that it can be placed around any area that needs protection. Lead foil is often supplied backed with pressure sensitive adhesive or vinyl to aid the application of the product.

Lead Soundproofing

Lead sheet is quite effective as a soundproofing material. Lead sheets provide effect noise absorption, being over 10 times more absorbent than glass or concrete and up to a 100 times more absorbent than wood.

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Lead for Noise Control: Lead verses other materials
(approximate thickness required in inches)
MaterialModerately Noisy OfficeQuiet OfficeVery Quite Office
Fir Plywood3.67″6.67″13.33″
Sand Plaster0.2″”4.45″8.9″
Dense Concrete0.14″4.85″12.2″

Lead Shielding

Lead Shielding refers to the use of lead as a form of radiation protection to shield people or objects from radiation. Lead sheets can be used to effectively attenuate certain kinds of radiation because of leads high density and high atomic number. Lead sheet is very effective at stopping alpha rays, gamma rays, and x-rays. Lead sheet is only somewhat effective for neutron radiation.

Lead sheet is used for x-ray shielding and nuclear shielding at power plants, labs, and military installations.

X-Rays generated by peak voltages not exceedingMinimum thickness of LeadWeight per Square Foot in Pounds
Millimeters (mm)Inches
75 kV10.0392.5
100 kV1.50.0594
125 kV20.0795
150 kV2.50.0987
175 kV30.1188
200 kV40.15710
225 kV50.19713
300 kV90.35424
400 kV150.59138
500 kV220.36956
600 kV341.34381
900 kV512120

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