Lead T-Caps and Lead Weatherstripping

Nuclead offers FREE samples of lead t-caps, lead tcaps, lead t caps, lead weather caps, lead channel weatherstripping, or custom manufactured lead weather cap stripping

They are also called lead t-caps, lead tcaps, lead t caps, lead weather cap, lead tees or lead channel weatherstripping.

Nuclead offers FREE samples of lead T-Caps to those involved in architectural renovation and repair. Call (508) 583-2699 for details

Whatever you call it our custom manufactured lead weather cap stripping is perfect for the inclement wet weather and harsh winters of New England and the northern states. With facilities in Massachusetts, we understand this specialty lead construction product and fabricate exactly what lead masonry caps or lead cap sealer you need for your historical building restoration, new stone or masonry construction and waterproofing project.

Standard Extruded Lead T-Caps – Sizes in Stock (Specials upon request):

Type A Flat Cap

WidthJoint DepthPackaging
1/2″ 7/16″25# (Ref: 75′) spool(s)
11/16″1/2″25# (Ref: 60′) spool(s)
1″11/16″25# (Ref: 40′) spool(s)
1 1/4″3/4″25# (Ref: Three 7′ long lengths)
1 1/2″13/16″25# (Ref: Three 7′ long lengths)
2″15/16″25# (Ref: Two 9′ long lengths)

Type B Corner Cove Cap

WidthJoint DepthPackaging
1/2″ 7/16″25# (Ref: Four 8′ long lengths)
11/16″1/2″25# (Ref: Three 8′ long lengths)
1″11/16″25# (Ref: Two 8′ long lengths)
1 1/2″13/16″25# (Ref: One 8′ long length)
2″15/16″25# (Ref: One 8′ long length)

Weathercap t-cap diagrams

Additional Characteristics

  • Size of masonry joint is by ½ when T-Cap is interposed in a joint between sealants.
  • T-Caps remain flexible and are paintable.
  • T-Cap will not tear nor shear and resists corrosion.
  • T-Cap covers the sealant, thereby prolonging life and preventing margin checking.
  • T-Cap is not a conductor of heat & cold; it resists mold attack on covered sealant in high humidity areas.
  • Stress to copings atop parapets, as well as, right angle junctions of two walls, are buffered by the T-cap.
  • Other properties of T-Cap are, it is low in tensile strength, hardness, elastic modulus, and creep strength. Because of these, and the other characteristics listed above, after a building movement, the low creep strength causes the lead to creep into new the configuration. Temperature change accelerates this creep movement. The low elastic modulus allows this process to continue indefinitely within the joints design limits. Other metals would retain their original shape and permit moisture into the joint.

Lead came and Cam lead weather stripping

Lead Came for stained glass

  • 1/4″ outside width, double channel
  • Special sizes are available per request.

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Nuclead is an authorized supplier of Lead T-Caps per U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)


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