Lead Bar Stock, Lead Rods and Round Lead Products

Lead Bar Stock for commercial, industrial & other custom applications, in-stock for bulk delivery now.

For lead bar stock, lead rods & round lead products come to Nuclead. All items in our lead bar stock can be slit or cut to any length or need

Standard Lead Bar Stock

  • Rounds: 1/16″-6″ diameter x 50# length
  • Flats: .047″-1.5″ thickness x 50# length
  • Pipe: 3/8″-10″ diameter x 10′ length

Miscellaneous lead Stock

  • Ribbon, tape, foil, t-caps, channel, L stock, U stock, I-Beam, hex stock
  • Lengths up to 10′

lead bar stock Extruded shapes

Special services

All items can be slit or cut to any length or need. We can customize and machine your product to your specific needs.

Special materials

Any shape or size can be fabricated to your requirement. Contact Nuclead and we will fabricate special dies for your needs.

Round Lead Products | Lead Extrusion Dies

Nuclead can machine and fabricate any material to your custom specifications.>

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