Machined & Fabricated Lead Components – December 2023 Project Showcase

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Lead T-Caps, Lead Custom Machined with precise edges lead ingotsEvery month we talk about our shipments. Last month further demonstrated Nuclead’s uncompromising standards, quality assurance protocols, and prompt delivery of exceptional custom lead components. Our expertise spans materials science, engineering design, lead fabrication, lead machining, and lead manufacturing processes to meet our clients’ most demanding specifications.

Here are some items we recently shipped to customers around the United States.

Recent Shipments for Restoration Projects, Research, and Aerospace Projects.

Custom Lead Pig Ingots

Pure lead Pig ingots, approximately 30#- 70 # ingots (Approximate size: 3.50″ x 4.00″ x 22.00″, loaf shape), according to customer-supplied written order. Only pure and certified lead was allowed. No lead-alloyed materials are allowed. Delivered via LTL trucking to an Engineering firm specializing in New England lead works.

Project Overview: Fabricated pure lead pig ingots ranging from 30# to 70#, adhering to strict purity standards.Custom lead poured lead pig ingots, fabricated in various sizes, demonstrate Nuclead’s flexibility in producing high-purity lead for diverse applications. These ingots are essential for companies requiring specific lead weights and purity levels for engineering, manufacturing, or radiation shielding purposes.

Highlight: Nuclead’s ability to meet urgent customer demands with precision and speed.

Lead T-Cap

Lead T-caps laid flat Nuclead Cast Pure Lead billet: 26#, 2.375″ to 2.625″ tapered (2.44″ dia) x Ref: 13.00″ long. Then fabricate lead extrusions: Weather-T- Caps: 1.00″ wide x 11/16″ joint depth x 25# (Ref: 40′) spool(s). Min buy 25# (Non-returnable/ Non-cancelable item); “Type A” = Flat cap; Per U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Historic Preservation Technical Procedures Code: #452001S & #765601S. This order was for a Masonry Contractor in Massachusetts.

Project Overview: Produced a cast pure lead billet and fabricated lead extrusions for weather T-Caps for a masonry contractor in Massachusetts, adhering to GSA Historic Preservation Technical Procedures.

The production of lead T-Caps involves casting and extruding lead to create weather-resistant caps for masonry. This project underscores Nuclead’s commitment to supporting construction and restoration efforts with products that meet specific environmental and structural requirements.

Highlight: Expertise in creating custom products for specialized applications, demonstrating detailed compliance with federal standards.

Lead Wire

Use raw material: Pure lead Pig ingots, Approx 30#-70# ingots (Approx size: 3.50″ x 4.00″ x 22.00″, loaf shape) to extrude: Lead wire: 5/16″ Dia. x 50 lb spools picked up by the customer in our facilities.

Customer is a leading designer and manufacturer of systems for the wire drawing industry located in Pennsylvania.

Project Overview: Extruded pure lead pig ingots into lead wire spools for a leading designer and manufacturer in the wire drawing. Lead wire, produced by extruding lead pig ingots, plays a critical role in various applications, including electrical and thermal conductivity. Nuclead’s ability to produce lead wire spools for the wire drawing industry in Pennsylvania underlines our capacity to deliver tailored solutions for electrical design and manufacturing needs.

Highlight: Flexibility in production to meet specific industry needs, showcasing Nuclead’s adaptability and customer-focused approach.

Custom Machined Part from Antimony Lead Plate

The customer is a highly respected welding and machining company in the south of New England that serves the aerospace, defense, nuclear, industrial, and medical industries.

Fabricate AMS-7721 Antimony Lead plate: 1/16″ x 48.25″ x 60.25″ and then mill it with a CNC to manufacture AMS-7721 Antimony Lead plate: 0.044 – 0.048″ x 6.420″ – 6.405″ OD

Per Customer PO, extra caution to Edge Break best effort. Picked up by customer to be used in south New England

Project Overview The machining of antimony lead plates into custom parts for South New England’s welding and machining company highlights Nuclead’s precision engineering. This process requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure the parts meet the rigorous standards of the aerospace, defense, and medical industries.

Highlight: Precision machining capabilities and commitment to meeting stringent industry specifications.

Machined Part from Antimony Lead

Lead Machined Part for engineering firm showing precision of Nuclead's Capabilities The customer is a manufacturer of parts and assemblies for the aerospace and defense industries in Florida.

We used the AMS-7721 Antimony Lead plate: 1/2″ x ” x 8.00″ x 32.00″, including a Certificate of analysis, to Fabricate a complete AMS 7721 Lead custom machined part.

Picked up by the customer.

Project Overview: Custom lead fabrication involves creating parts tailored to specific applications, emphasizing Nuclead’s capability to work with antimony lead. This demonstrates their expertise in producing components with enhanced strength and durability, suitable for demanding sectors like aerospace and defense.

Highlight: Demonstrating Nuclead’s precision in custom machining and the ability to comply with aerospace and defense industry standards.

Lead Foil

Customer is a Comprehensive Packaging Products and Design Solutions firm based in Pennsylvania.

Lead foil per UNS L51121 in custom special dimensions.

Project Overview: Lead foil is a versatile material used for radiation shielding, electrical connections, and vibration absorption. Nuclead’s custom-dimensioned lead foil showcases their precision in creating products that meet specific industry applications, providing effective solutions for packaging and protection needs.

Highlight: Customization to the minutest specifications, catering to unique client requirements in packaging solutions.




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