Delivering Custom Lead Solutions: Nuclead’s Ongoing Commitment to Quality and Speed

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Lead, lead glass, lead doors and magnetic shielding applications Every month at Nuclead, we manufacture and ship various custom lead-based products, such as ShieldingConstruction Restoration, and bulk lead orders.

Here are some items we recently shipped to customers around the United States.

Nuclead large stock of lead allows quick turnaround times for customer orders. We have years of experience working with historic preservation projects throughout the US, filling the needs of leading commercial contractors. If you need a quick turnaround time for your custom lead order reach out and request a quote. 

Recent Shipments for Restoration Projects, Shielding Projects, and Magnetic application projects.

  • Fabricate Lead Extrusions: Weather-T- Caps: 1.25″ wide x 3/4″ joint depth x 25# (Ref: Approx; Three 7′ long lengths). Type A = Flat cap; Per U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Historic Preservation Technical Procedures Codes. Use pure pig lead to cast lead billets. This lead product will be used during the extrusion process. Shipped local order to a restoration firm via UPS ground.
  • Produced lead construction items and shipped to a large General Contractor’s firm in South Carolina. The customer specialized in weatherproofing and restoration of residential and commercial properties. The lead construction package consisted of all custom lead products. Lead doors Wood – Natural Birch, Flush/slab, no panels, 1/16″ Lead x 36.00″ x 84.00″; Lead window frames: HM Steel welded borrowed Lite frame. Glass Size 36.00″ x 48.00″; x 5.00″ throat 1/16″ Lead lined; Lead door frames: Steel welded borrowed Lite frame. Provided for customer preparation and assembly on site.  Door Size 36.00″ x 84.00″ x 5.00″ throat x 1/16″ Lead lined; and Lead Glass 36.00″ x 48.00″ x 7-8mm x 1/16″Le @ 150kvp.
  • Produce per written specifications a complete and QC documented lead foil sheeting package consisting of 0.005” and 0.010″ (+/- 0.0005″) thick x 12.00″ x 50# per UNS L51121. Rolls were produced from the same lot number per customer purchase order.
  • Cut lead sheet from large rolls of 1/16″ x 48.25″ x 291.00″ stock lead. Cut into 30cm squares and ship to a laboratory in Canada for lead shielding products.
  • Pick and ship Lead Wool per QQ-C-40, 5# bags, Rope. Ship to a masonry preservation company in Pennsylvania. The lead wool is being used for a custom and special industrial waterproofing application per Nuclead customers’ specifications.
  • Extruded in-house special commercial Lead pipe: 1/4′ dia ID x 1/32′ wall x 25# spool. The custom lead product will be used for pipe organ restoration.
  • Cut Lead round bar stock: 2.00″ dia. x 20.00″ lg, solid. The special lead item will be used in a commercial application to develop the manufacturer’s advanced magnetic detection sensors and systems for surveillance and measurement of magnetic fields on land, sea, and in space. 
  • Use cut lead pipe that is dross free with uniform walls to fabricate 1.25″ Lead Outlets at 50 PCs/carton. Sold and delivered to a national lumber store wholesaler.
  • Provide Special lead Services for a major University in Maui, Hawaii.  Cast Pure Pig  Lead into customer supplied blueprints and written specifications. The total lead weight for the order is nearly 25,000 lbs.  
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