New Lead Product Line Expands Capabilities for Diverse Industries

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Lead Parts On tables ready for shipments Lead T-Caps, Custom Machine Lead Parts, CNC Lead MachiningNuclead Manufacturing is proud to announce the completion of a new line of high-quality lead products designed to meet the demanding requirements of various industries. This innovative range includes lead wool, custom lead machined parts, lead sheet in various sizes and compositions, lead rounds in different diameters and antimony contents, cast zinc plates, lead wire, lead for pouring and casting, custom machined parts, lead t-caps, lead sheet for door lining, and more.

Lead Wool (QQ-C-40 Compliant):

  • Material: Composed of chemically-refined lead drawn into fine strands and twisted into a 5/8-inch diameter rope which forms the lead wool.
  • Purity: Meets a stringent minimum purity standard of 99.94%.
  • Applications: Ideally suited for a variety of uses within the aerospace industry, including caulking applications around flanged connections, cast iron pipes, and gaps around walls and ceilings.
  • Packaging: Available in convenient 5-pound bags or 50-pound cartons containing ten 5-pound bags.

Custom Machined Lead Parts:

  • Manufacturing Process: Employing state-of-the-art CNC milling technology, these components are precisely machined from high-grade lead.
  • Applications: Designed to meet the rigorous specifications of critical and intricate parts within various industries, including aerospace, defense, and manufacturing.
  • Ideal for: Companies requiring custom lead components for their specific projects.

Lead Sheet in Various Sizes and Compositions:

Lead Sheet Roll on Cardboard Nuclead

  • Versatility: We offer lead sheet in custom and standard sizes, with varying thicknesses and compositions to meet diverse needs. Our product offerings include sheet lead for roofing, radiation shielding, vibration dampening, and other applications.
  • Applications: This versatile product caters to the needs of a wide range of industries, including roofing, construction, medical equipment manufacturing, and industrial noise control.



Lead Rounds in Different Diameters and Antimony Contents:

  • Compositional Options: Lead rounds are available in various diameters and antimony contents to suit specific weight and performance requirements. Antimony content options include 4% to 7% and 6%.
  • Applications: Lead rounds find use in a variety of industries, including aerospace, defense, construction, and metalworking for weighting, balancing, and other applications.

Additional New Lead Products:

Our new product line also includes:

  • Cast Zinc Plates: Offering exceptional durability and corrosion resistance, ideal for various construction applications.
  • Lead Wire: Available in different diameters for electrical and other industrial applications.
  • Lead for Pouring and Casting: Suitable for various casting and filling applications.
  • Custom Lead Machined Parts: We can create custom lead parts to your exact specifications using CNC machining.
  • Lead T-Caps: A reliable solution for weatherproofing and sealing applications in roofing and restoration projects.Lead Sheet for Door Lining: Providing effective radiation shielding for X-ray rooms and other medical facilities.

If you are interested in custom lead fabricated parts, Nuclead is the leader in machining lead metal. Our machinists enjoy making your engineered design come to life.. Request a quote today

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