Soundproofing, Lead materials for Backscatter Machines

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4x4 Picture of port inspection for lead using backscatter, pallet, Lead Ingots, CNC Lathe for lead customization Radiation Shielding Projects.Every month at Nuclead, we manufacture and ship various custom lead-based products, such as Soundproofing, Construction Restoration, and bulk lead orders.

Here are some items we recently shipped to customers around the United States.

Some shipments require significant fabrication activities or must be cut to size or picked from our extensive in-stock inventory of lead products. Many projects require the expertise of our CNC lathes to deliver the projects. 

Recent Shipments for Government Restoration Projects and Radiation Shielding Projects.

  • Extruded hard lead round per MIL-L-13283 (Grade 1) specification (1.0% – 2.5% Antimony (Sb): 1.00″ dia. x 14.00″ lg. (Commonly Used in Ammunition) Shipped the custom lead order to a tool and die company in Wisconsin for its value-added services. Nuclead has plenty of lead products in stock for quick delivery, such as lead weights, elevator counterweights, and lead washers.
  • Lead Extrusions: Weather-T- Caps: 1.25″ wide x 3/4″ joint depth x Three (3) 7′ long lengths. “Type B” = Inside corner cove cap; Per GSA Historic Preservation Technical Procedures. Nuclead shipped several orders, both via LTL trucking. Both restoration firms are in New York. Nuclead fabricates all types of lead construction materials, such as lead lined drywall and lead lined doors. Contact the sales department for fast quotations to fill your commercial or industrial construction needs. Nuclead also provides custom lead flashing for unique sizes with quick deliveries.
  • Cut Lead Soundproofing sheeting: (1.50#) 0.024″ x 48.00″ x 240.00″; Re-roll mill fabricated product onto one solid fiber core. They were shipped via APL Transportation and Logistics for a soundproofing OEM in New York. Syntactic foam, lead blocks, and lead bricks can also be used as a substitute for lead sheets as a soundproofing alternative. Lead is highly dense and the most economical material per pound available for soundproofing.

  • Pick in stock Lead, 6% antimony: 1.00″ x 17.00″ x 22.00″, cut into machinable sizes for fabricate X-ray shielding for backscatter technology for board security imaging. The thick lead plates with antimony alloy are used as lead shielding to protect operators and equipment at border checkpoints and waterway docks.

  • Lead Cast Build: Pick Pure lead Pig ingots, 60# – 70# ingots per ANSI / ASTM B29. Per customer-supplied written orders, only pure and certified lead are allowed. No lead alloyed materials were allowed and specified to ensure not to under weigh lead counterweights and certify weight, cast lead weight into Nuclead “Puritan” Brand, Pure Caulking Lead: Five count of Virgin 5lb ingots. Ship via LTL trucking to a mining equipment OEM in the Mid-West. This bulk lead for sale is Nuclead’s purest. It will be used as lead gaskets for diesel engine fabrication and assembly. This soft, pure lead can also be used for lead washers and spacers, which can have no void, foreign material, or alloys. This industrial customer required pure lead to meet their exact specification, which Nuclead meets or exceeds by certifying our end lead products. When you need precise, pure lead, we can deliver.

  • Pick and ship Free Sample of Lead Extrusions: Weather-T- Caps: 11/16″ wide x 1/2″ joint depth x Approx. 12.00″; “Type A” = Flat cap; Per U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Historic Preservation Technical Procedures Code: #452001S & #765601S. Ship via UPS Ground to a construction consultant in New York for customer approval. Lead construction materials like lead lined drywall, lead wool, or lead lined doors sometimes require samples for approval by engineers, owners, or architects.

  • CNC Lathe build: Pick Tuyau Lead/Copper, seamless lead pipe, Dross Free, Uniform wall. Dimension: 2.00″id x .070″ wall x 5.25″ long. Set up lead tubing into CNC lathe chuck and fabricate into lead construction materials 1.75″ Lead Outlets at 40 pieces per carton. Deliver via Nuclead trucking to a national hardware store distributor for resale. Lead sleeves are used as radiation shielding or X-ray shielding. The thicker the wall, the more lead shielding is provided for protection.

  • Lead extrusion Build: Pick Pure Lead billet: 26# 2.440″ diameter x Ref: 13.00″ long and fabricated into flat cap, lead weather t-caps. We have shipped significant lead weighted orders via LTL trucking to a construction company in New York. The lead T-Caps will be used for a historical repair once approved by the U.S. Government building owner. We also quoted custom lead elevator counterweights for the same project. All custom lead weights are certified per customer written specifications and drawings.

  • Pick and ship from in-stock lead inventory, hard 6% antimony lead Pig ingots, 30 lb. ingots. Deliver via Nuclead Trucking to a shipbuilder in Maine for ship ballast. This commercial marina requires fast custom service and Nuclead provides that promptly. They have used many lead materials for boat ballasts, including lead blocks, lead bars, and lead sheets, and are one of our best marine clients. The lead sheeting provided proper lead weight and soundproofing, making commercial boating in the tourism industry a quieter voyage.

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