Nuclead Announces recent shipment of lead products for multiple marinas in the Northeast.

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Nuclead Announces recent shipment of lead products for multiple marinas in the Northeast.

West Bridgewater, MA, 9/26/2023 – Nuclead, a reputable custom lead manufacturer, recently completed the delivery of specialized lead sheeting, lead weights, and ballast products to numerous marinas and commercial vessels in the Northeast. These meticulously crafted lead solutions, pivotal for soundproofing and stabilization in marine vessels, comply with the stringent standards the U.S. Coast Guard set. By addressing the custom requirements of marinas and large commercial marine vessels, Nuclead reaffirms its dedication to the maritime industry for safety and operational efficiency. Contact us when your ships require a quick turnaround for U.S. Coast Approvals.

Recent Marine Lead Shipments

  • Pick and ship Solid-Scrap lead solids and lead sheeting for miscellaneous weight and ballast or Re-melting: Miscellaneous sizes, grades and alloys. It was delivered to a marina in Massachusetts for the vessel’s lead ballast. This order of bulk Lead for sale was processed in two days. Due to the commercial ships requiring U.S. Coast Guard approval, the Lead weights were urgently needed for this maritime fleet. The heavy lead bars were necessary for proper lead counterbalance requirements before the vessels could leave the dock. Our quick turnaround time saves the fleet time so they can continue on the journey. Lead bricks and lead blocks are the best choice for these applications for their heavy, dense physical properties. As a secondary lead smelter, Nuclead can produce these lead items quickly and efficiently for your maritime needs.
  • Pick and ship from in-stock inventory, hard 6% antimony lead Pig ingots, 30 lb. ingots used for vessels ballast delivered via Nuclead Trucking to a shipbuilder in Maine. This commercial marina requires fast custom service, and Nuclead’s prompt delivery was appreciated. They have used many lead materials for boat ballasts, including lead blocks, lead bars, and lead sheets. The lead sheeting provided proper lead weight and lead soundproofing.
  • Cast lead build of Inventory adjustment: Stock-Scrap Lead solids or sheet: For lead weight, lead ballast for commercial vessels. Re-melting: Different sizes and grades and smelt Lead into Lead Cast / Pour Labor: 3.00″ O.D. x 3.00″ Long custom lead billets. Deliver by Nuclead Trucking to a local northeast harbor for commercial fishing vessels ballast.
  • Pick and ship Pure lead Pig ingots, Approx. 30#-70# ingots, 3.50″ x 4.00″ x 22.00″, loaf shaped. Deliver with Nuclead Trucking to a marine wharf in New England. The soft Lead was used for boat ballast for the large yacht. Lead brick and lead weights were used as lead smelter, fabricated to the customer’s written specifications, and certified the same. As an ISO fabrication company, you’ll know the lead products will be done correctly, on time, and meet or exceed ISO-9001:2015 quality management standards.

About Nuclead

Nuclead Mfg Co. Inc. is the leading supplier of innovative Shielding and X-ray inspection products worldwide. With nearly 40 years of providing advanced Shielding and X-ray security systems, the Company’s product line utilizes a combination of technologies and expertise unmatched by any other company.

These technologies offer superior service and products. Nuclead has a complete range of lead products, including shielding for cargo inspection, baggage screening, and passenger screening systems for facility and aviation security.

Nuclead also supplies products for the Nuclear and energy, Oil, Construction, Manufacturing, X-ray, medical and research, Elevator, Marine/boating, Bridge, and Sporting industries.

Nuclead’s sophisticated products protect high-threat facilities and help combat terrorism and trade fraud; Gamma-ray, Neutron, and X-ray shielding; and counterweight – ballast- and weight requirements. Nuclead customers include Major Universities and research centers, Leading government agencies, Military bases, General contractors, Manufactures, Hospitals, and Corporations worldwide, including the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and branches of the U.S. Military.

For more information on Nuclead’s products, services, and technologies, please call 508 583 2699.

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