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Lead safety clothing and lead lined fabrics for x-ray shielding and radiation shielding protection

Lead safety clothing and lead lined fabrics for x-ray shielding and radiation shielding protection.

Nuclead offers Lead safety gloves, lead aprons, radiation clothing, lead neck collarsThe NCRP has established maximal permissible doses for persons who receive occupational exposure. The NRC has suggested that

occupational exposure be as low as reasonably achievable.

Three principles of radiation protection are: Increase distance from the source, Reduce exposure time and wear shielding and protective products. Nuclead provides protective products to comply with NCRP recommendations.

Lead gloves:

One piece molded design with a soft exterior. Covers and removes easily to inspect the protective qualities of the leaded core. Theses gloves feature a breathable nylon liner for comfort. Sold by the pair.

Gloves, large – .25mm, .35mm or .5mm thickness
Gloves, medium – .25mm, .35mm or .5mm thickness
Gloves, small – .25mm, .35mm or .5mm thickness

Lead aprons, Lead Curtains, Lead Blankets:lead wool safety blanket

Vinyl aprons, curtains and blankets are flexible and easily cleaned.

Apron, blanket, curtain 0.3 mm thickness
Apron, blanket, curtain 0.5 mm thickness

Lead Wool Blankets
Lead Wool Blankets per QC-C040 Type II Grade C is oriented and machine compacted to the required density for consistent attenuation. Inner covers are fabricated from our nuclear grade Pacifictex 10 oz material. The lead cake is quilted to the inner cover to ensure no shifting of the lead occurs when the blankets are draped or hung. Outer covers are fabricated from our nuclear grade and ANI approved Pacifictex 18 oz. materials. The periphery is electronically welded.

Available in standard colors of yellow, white, or green; Other colors & Sizes are available upon request. Dimensions given are for the size of the lead wool “cake” shielding area. The stitched borders are an additional 2″all around. The lead equivalent of the lead wool/sheet and approximate dose rate reduction are as follows:

Blanket Density (#/sq/ft)Approximate Blanket Thickness (in.)Dose Rate Reduction Cobalt 60 (%)Commercial Sheet Lead Equivalent (in.)Commercial Sheet Lead Equivalent (cm)

Sizes 10# thru 20# = 1′ x 2′; 1′ x 3′; 1′ x 4′; 1′ x 5′; 1′ x 6′
Sizes 25# = 1′ x 2′; 1′ x 3′; 1′ x 4′

Lead neck Collars:

0.3mm protection for this important area of the body.No top binding makes the collar more comfortable and flexible against the skin.

Lead shielding:

Nuclead manufactures protective containment structures for x-ray and radiation shielding

Custom: Permanent or portable walls; with our without lead glass windows

Standard: Lightweight portable shields

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