Lead Lining, Lead Pipes, Lead Lined Boxes

Lead Lining, Lead Pipes, Lead Lined Boxes, lead casks, nuclear casks from Nuclead

Lead Lining for reactors, Chemical Plants and X-Ray Rooms

The lead lining of Reactors, Storage Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Lead Valves and Lead tanks and other components is an effective way of taking advantage of the corrosion and radiation resistance properties of lead.

In many chemical plants, lead is used to line the inside of pipes, coils, condensers and heat exchanges. The corrosion resistance of lead makes it ideal to prolong the life of production equipment that is kept in contact with, or used to transport corrosive liquids or gases.

Lead lined boxes are used in many industries for the storage of both highly radioactive and corrosive materials. Lead lining is built into lead casks and lead chests to allow the safe storage of nuclear materials

Lead lined sheetrock and lead drywall are used in the construction of radiation rooms such as x-ray rooms. Lead lining is also added to door frames, window frames and other areas where penetration into the lead lined room is required.

Lead lining is a satisfactory method of sound proofing a room. Lead soundproofing can be as much as 25 times more effective than traditional building materials at reducing sound transmission.

Nuclead has extensive experience manufacturing lead lining materials for all the above applications.

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