Nuclead Announces Lead Foil Shipments to customers throughout the United States

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The lead foil will be used in both custom and standard applications in several industries including medical, military and oil.

West Bridgewater, MA, 4/30/2023 – Nuclead, a leading manufacturer and distributor of custom and standard lead products for research, industry and consumers announces the delivery of several recent orders of Lead Foil.

Lead Foil, is a form of lead sheet that is thin enough to be easily cut and formed using shears. Lead foil can be stamped or formed into almost any shape so that it can be placed around any area that needs protection. Lead foil is often supplied backed with pressure sensitive adhesive or vinyl to aid the application of the product.

Recent Lead foil shipments

Produce 0.010″ Lead foil with black vinyl laminated to one side and pressure sensitive adhesive (“PSA”) with release paper on the other @ 4.00″ wide x 30′ long. Sold and delivered to a medical OEM for radiation shielding of their medical equipment. The very thin lead sheets are considered lead foil 0.021” thick or thinner. Lead foils also can be used for lead lining, x ray shielding in some applications and lead lined boxes and all lead lining.

Fabricate custom Lead foil: 0.005″ (+/- 0.0005″) x 12.00″ x 50# per UNS L51121. This military application requires the rolls to be completed using the same lot number. The certifications provided with the deliver must confirm this requirement. Delivered via Nuclead Trucking to a special packing company for an aerospace project of radiation shielding, in Pennsylvania.

Special non-stock/noncancelable or returnable item(s): Lead foil: 0.008″ (+/- 0.0005″) x 12.00″ x 50# per UNS L51121. The custom lead rolls were produced from the same lot number, per written purchase order.

Fabricate custom non-stock lead items of Lead foil: 0.010″ (+/- .0005″) x 12.00″ x 50# per UNS L51121. This commercial customer requires that the entire order be produced from the same lot number. Nuclead provided the certifications necessary and qualified them with its NDT material analyzer & QC equipment. Pure soft lead ingots were used to produce this bulk lead order.

Sold and fabricated as each, Lead foil: 0.005” (+/-.001″) x 1.00″ x Approx. 5 lb. each, on fiber cores. Lead alloy of {>=97%-98% Pure Lead (Pb)}. Nominal length “Each” = 202′ (2,424″); lead coils.

Fabricate as a lot: CNC machine from lead foil 0.5mm thick x 50mm x 50mm, 99.99% Pure Pb stock. Fabricate into Lead rectangles: 0.5mm x 1.5mm x 2.5mm. Clean, package & ship to an aerospace sub-contractor. These small pieces of lead sheet are used for micro experimentation in a lab radiation level testing.

Pick lead foil 0.021” x 48.25” x 242” and cut lead sheet into blanks for CNC milling operations. Certify to QQ-l-201-f grade C. Pack and QC complete per print #P 1297 Rev G. Order includes all applicable labor, materials, tolerances, and notes.

Cut Lead Sheeting into strips of 0.863mm x 7.75″ x 9.75″ and Lead Foil into 1/32″ x 7.75″ x 9.75″. Sold and shipped to a machine shop in Missouri. The lead sheeting will be used as lead gaskets for small machine tool repairs. Lead sheet is a good choice as it is very soft and can compress to seal mating parts. Lead plate can be used for thicker requirements of custom and industrial uses.

Produce and ship special lead items of Lead foil: 0.005″ (+/- 0.0005″) x 12.00″ x 50# per coils per UNS L51121 and certify the same. The lead shielding will be used for a military department’s assembly processes of space flight items that need radiation shielding to protect sensitive, microelectronics.

Fabricate custom, special non-stock lead items of lead foil: 0.005″ (+/- 0.0005″) x 12.00″ x 50 lb. per UNS L51121. Rolls of lead sheeting for sale must be from the same lot number per customer written purchase order. Sold to a government sub-contractor for radiation shielding in an aerospace application. Lead shielding is required to protect people and equipment. For this application, thin lead sheet metal is the engineering choice for this assembly.

Produce custom lead foil for an industrial customer that produces oil slurry equipment. Lead material alloy >=97%-98% Pure Lead (Pb) <= 2% Antimony (Sb). Sold and fabricated as, “each”, Lead foil: 0.005” (+/-.001″) x 1.00″ x 5 lb. each, rolled tightly onto fiber cores.

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